Exploring cherry blossom spots by Tozai subway line

I enjoyed very much the cherry blossom this year. The subway one-day pass was quite handy, all the place I visited are accessible. And the subway was not busy at all, I got a seat every ride.

Daigoji temple
All the weeping cherry trees are in full bloom and have beautiful shapes. Slender branches were waving gracefully in the wind, lightly feeling the ground. Amazing view everywhere!

Keage Incline
There was a huge crowd, Somei-yoshino cherry trees that were 70% in bloom lined both sides of the track forming an arch providing a spectacular view from the distance. I amused myself by taking pictures of visitors taking pictures in Kimono.

Okazaki Canal
Walked along the canal to the Okazaki area, I enjoyed following the cruises. Since most of the cherry trees here are still in buds, and the weather is quite cold and windy, I didn’t want to be one of the passengers. Still, I was fancying while taking pictures of them, how was the view in their eyes.

Yamashina Canal
The cherry blossom and rape flower made a magnificent view, it gave a magical reflection over the water surface. A yacht passed by fleetly and rolling wave followed.

Bishamon-do Temple
They were only a few local visitors. Normally, more crowds clustered in autumn due to its fame of maple. The 150 years old weeping cherry tree was very eyecatching. And the famous husumae (paintings on sliding screens) paint in perspective was quite interesting.

I’m expecting a different view next year. Probably Yoshino mountain in Nara, I’ve heard it filled with 30,000 cherry trees. That’s unimaginable!


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