Found one more favorite place to visit! Inemachi, A small town approximately 130 km north from Kyoto city. According to the local guide, there are about 230 unique buildings called funaya standing in a row along the south-facing Ine bay. Funaya was created to function as boathouses, they were sample thatched roof wooden houses in old time. Now they are 2-floor buildings and equipped with a living space, and each funaya has a main house on the mountainside across the street. One family based on one funaya and one main house, their lifestyle based on fishing and farming. You can use free bikes to strolling along the streets, get on a local boat at a 1000 yen charge, claiming on the observatory to overlook the clear blue sea and deep green mountains.

We enjoyed very much the sea while driving to Ine. Once we got off the car, we immediately fell in love with this beautiful town.

I love these interesting decoration.

There are three public open Funaya you can visit. This is how it looks like in the Funaya, full of fishing tools.

A very nice cafe named Ine Cafe, part of Restaurant Cafe Openspace FUNAYA BIYORI.

To get a closer look at the funaya, we took a 30 min cruise tour. Our guide, the local fisherman is very knowledgeable and kind. He explained the history, regional festivals, lifestyles of Ine. We enjoyed feeding seagulls from our hand on the boat!


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