Special opening of Daitoku-ji Kohrin-in Temple

Kohrin-in Temple Special Opening Schedule
There were probably only 6 visitors while we arrived at Daitoku-ji Kohrin-in Temple. The temple is small, quiet and peaceful, all I heard is the chirping sound of the nightingale floor. The staff is friendly and professional, guided us to all the areas. Photography is allowed in the garden, but I didn’t want to snap too many photos in a Temple. The south garden is gorgeous!

The north garden is very beautiful as well! Not photographed in this photo, a latifolia Thunb(a species of holly) is planted in the corner. latifolia Thunb leaves were used for writing sutra in Ancient India.

There’s a stone with a Kanji ‘爪塚’ written on it in the west garden, it was set up for the finger picks of Koto(Japanese stringed musical instrument). Seems the wife of the previous priest was a Koto master.

On our way bicycling to Kohrin-in Temple, we stop at Morpho Cafe for lunch. It’s only 1.2km from our guesthouse, cozy vibe, reasonable price, kind staff, and great food! Highly recommend!

Suzuki had the green curry. I had the Japanese lunch set and the fried gyoza(not yaki gyoza) was yummy! This lunch set is not written on the English menu, so you need to ask. And they don’t take credit cards. 

It was so hot day, and we took a short rest at Kissa Zou cafe on our way back. Luckily got two counter seats without waiting in line.

The cream soda is less tasty than it’s nice looking, put me in a good mood though. Kissa Zou literal means ‘Cafe Elephant’, it explains the topping cookie on the ice cream.

The toast with sweet adzuki bean paste topping was great!


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